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And up goes Her Royal Highness… Now exhale slowly… And down goes Her Royal Highness…

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HBC- Londres 01/05/07

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loveforhbc said:
This may seem irrelevant but I just looked at hbc_fangirl's IG bio and she's claimed Nelson mandalas quote as her own hahahahaha. So it's not just your stuff she's stealing hahaha good lord. I'd say something to her if I was you, I don't think she has tumblr x

Oh good lord ha ha.

I tried on another one she stole, but she blocked me (although she appears to have deleted that particular picture now). All I asked was that she included credit, as stated on the tag she removed.

It makes me so angry because I like sharing the scans with other fans, just as I like seeing ones from other countries that I don’t have but people scan and share, but when people just take them without credit, it makes me reluctant to share them.I can literally just finish uploading them, and suddenly someone has nicked ‘em.

The magazines - especially the ‘vintage’ ones - are not exactly cheap! And scanning can be so frustrating at times ha ha

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@hbc_fangirl on instagram - quit removing the tags on my scans and replacing them with yours!

Removing the tags and then putting yours in their place is far more effort than simply sharing my scans, with the tags in tact. Removing the tags - and therefore the credit - is just plain rude!

I asked nicely for you to include credit and not remove the tags, and you blocked me. Real mature.

I buy the magazines with my own money. I use my own time to scan them. And then people like you just take them and abuse my generosity. I have tried discreet tags - just chopped off; I have added bigger tags, they’re cropped or removed; I have made it VERY CLEAR that the tags are not to be removed, and that credit should be given. Is that too much to ask? For the money, time and effort I put in to be acknowledged?

Well, well done, I am now reluctant to share any more.

I have tagged this as ‘Helena Bonham Carter’ so that people can see that this behaviour is not on. Obviously, I apologise to all the people (the majority) who are decent human beings and don’t steal.

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Helena Bonham Carter photographed by Marco Glaviano, 1997

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